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  • Complaint Free Delivery

    We take pride in having one of the lowert complaint ratios in the industry. No deductables and 20-day or less claims resolution.

  • Licensed & Insured

    We comply 100% with all FMCSA and DOT regulations. All of our trucks and drivers meet the highest quality standards.

  • Price Match Guarantee

    We gladly match any price given to you by any company rated as hight as us on the national carrier/broker dispath board.

Features and Benefits

  • Enclosed trailers for maximum efficiency and protection from roads hazards if you transport a vintage, collector’s or classic car

  • Open top trailers for fast transportation during the warm season

  • Special motorcycle trailers that will protect your motorcycle by keeping it stable

  • We work with special liftgates and do not use tows and chains

  • We take your car to the exact destination appointed by you

  • We offer you free professional advice as part of our consultancy package

About Transport-Vehicles

Car Transportation is a company that offers reliable transportation services. We have an excellent team of professionals that offers a range of services to suit every auto transportation need. We offer a range of services to help people transport their vehicles with least amount of fuss or bother.

Our services include door to door delivery of your vehicle and we also are experts in white glove handling. In addition, we have both open carriers and closed carriers that will transport your vehicle safely and on time. We are also insured and also licensed by the US Department of Transportation.

Shipping Destination

Classic & Collector Cars

If you want to transport classic & collector cars, then your best bet is to call Car Transportation which is a company that knows what it takes to ship such cars in a safe and reliable manner. We know that classic cars and collector cars have a lot of value and therefore we have made it a point to handle them in the most reliable and safest manner.

As a collector of cars you know how much these cars mean to you. We understand this as well and to ensure that your classic & collector cars are delivered to any location safely we have created auto transportation solutions to ensure that your precious car arrives at its destination in a safe and timely manner.

Classic & collector cars are not the kinds of vehicles that people can drive about carelessly. As the owner of these kinds of cars you will be taking much pride and you will need to do your best to keep them safe.

When shipping classic & collector cars you need to deal with a company like us. We ensure that the vehicle is properly insured and we have an excellent reputation for providing timely and reliable delivery. We also ship these cars at rates that are very affordable. So, why take risks? Call us and see how we can help you transport your classic & collector cars in the best manner possible.

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